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Sat. Oct. 9: FREE Lensbaby Composer & Accessories Demo
THIS SATURDAY OCT 9TH - 1PM-3PM: TEST OUT A LENSBABY COMPOSER ON YOUR CAMERA & The Optic Kits: Pinhole, Wide Angel, Telephoto, Macro and more!

Unique Photo
123 US HWY 46
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Get instructions on how to properly use your Lensbaby. Even if you have an older model, bring it in and we will show you how to use it.

Special discounts for those who attend the class and want to purchase a LENSBABY afterwards!

Free Walk-ins welcomed, while supplies last but you must reserve a space to get a guaranteed demo-Composer.

Reserve your Composer to Demo here: http://www.unique-university.com/e/index.php/classes/creative-photography-with-mike-zawadzki-and-lensbaby.html


oh wow
it's been a while since ive posted in here. so much has changed.
first and foremost, i need to thank fate/existence for all the great things it has brought me.

i am really thankful and happy in whatever paths were created to bring me to this point. i wouldn't change a thing.
everything had to happen just the way it did for me to meet smitty.
everything had to happen just the way it did for me to survive my open heart surgery.

 i saw it all unconscious. death/another existence is a vast void of absolution. there are no human/social words to describe it.

it's knowing you are in a room without lights, unable to see, wondering where the walls are. it's a extremely huge black paper and existence itself is just a pinprick on it.

it's complete absolute and void, together.

 the petty worries of this entire planet, as a single creature, is almost null in comparison to all of existence, nevermind the petty worries of man itself.   status que, clothing, technologies are nothing compared to the worries of famine, desolation, nations unraveling and even so, that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. we as a conscious existence in total, are hardly even on the map yet. we are not even recognized to any others/anything else 'out there'.

in any case, fate in this existence has made me one happy little bug.

unafraid of death. accepting of the rapids.

the universe provides.

im on the cover of the hate in the box cd


mail orders arriving at work this week
- zazzle cards
- suede boots
- express

jarv gave me ONE digipack. its looks sweet as hell.

who would have thought the building i was looking for was right up the block from my job.
it should make filing much simpler.

Mercy Bouquet Goes Steampunk
I found a camp corset on ebay and decided to pair it up with my clothing line, Mercy Bouquet. I hand dyed the corset to match the dress I created and dyed myself.

I hope you enjoy.

The model is Alex.

... !
the delicious birthday cake at work is tempting me to eat yet another piece. damn you delicious tempting piece of someone else's birthday cake.